It would be worth noting up at the top of this article that General Dynamics is one of the world's largest weapons manufacturers with a pretty substantial collection of truly disgusting people on the board of directors...

What an interesting group to have put in charge of collecting this critical data, no?

They aren't tracking side effects, they are tracking effectiveness.

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OMGOSH! Why don’t more people know this? This should be spread far and wide! Sharing now.

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One more thing to keep in mind. The job adverts that GD ran for their work. The minimum qualification was a high school diploma. The people hired to take reports didn't need to have an ounce of medical / biology training. We still don't know what qualifications the coders needed. We do know that many reports have mistakes in their code. One thing I wasn't able to present at the meeting wed. in fact was this problem. The entire report was a classic case of anaphylaxis. The medra code was "tongue disorder".

Thank you for this write up. Super important.

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A tweet leading to this article was sent to me earlier today. 13 likes and 7 comments to the point of my post. Astounding. I assume this will blow up. Let us hope so.

I am reminded of the phrasing that my Bamm Bamm's pediatrian used last year at the annual checkup - informing me that she had a widely diverse set of data resources to refer to, which she insinuated I would not understand, when I questioned if she was paying attention to VAERS. I assert that their professional organizations were advising the clinicians on specific talking points to counter the VAERS question from hesitant victims. She went on to make some snide remark about how unfortunate it was that America offered me the freedom to choose!

We'll see how long it lasts on f.

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Japanese study -Vaccine Associated Diseases

🚩Exercise dangerous post vax due to inflammation

🚩Deaths most common several days after mRNA vax

🚩Adverse reactions most common in youth

🚩Covid recovered at more risk of vax AR's

💉 Deaths per million doses mRNA was 15

✅ Only 1 'COVID' death 🇯🇵 under 10

8 under 20

💉 15.1 mil kids <15🇯🇵 vax would kill = 225


🚩5-20yo mRNA vax MIN 45x more lethal than covid

Someone please fact check this. I'm feeling feint.


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Correction. A few paragraphs after "CDC Expected Huge Increase in VAERS Reporting" is this minor error: "to dismiss throw VAERS under a bus"

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I am still shadow banned on Twitter dating back to when I reported on the nine pages of potential vaccine side effects, but FWIW I have tweeted this out and also sent it to Canadian politicians asking why independent analysis of vaccine safety was not undertaken by Canada before 30 million people were jabbed. Thanks for your excellent work as always. This needs to be spread far and wide.

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I'm very impressed with this post. I posted links to it in Comments under Steve Kirsch's latest post and that of Igor C. as well.

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I'm on Team Josh! Woo-hoo. Yeah I wonder how long they are going to be "back logged" for? VAERS has had thousands of reports in their possession for many many many months before publishing them. This is just a small sample of the throttling they did in this last drop yesterday! https://i.imgur.com/BquGSYi.jpg

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General Dynamics is a defense contractor. What does it have to do with VAERS?

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Dec 11, 2022Liked by Josh Guetzkow

Below the text : "CDC Expected Huge Increase in VAERS Reporting

The contract states that they were expecting up to 1,00 VAERS reports" I am right to believe there could be a small typo error ? Should we read "1,000 VAERS reports" ?

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Thank you for this research! I knew this was happening when one of the injured on the realnotrare website said she was told in 2021 that VAERS was in a 6 month backlog.

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Another fine example of "misinformation". Excellent work, Josh

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Throughout this emergency the gathering of data has been deliberately prejudiced. I initially thought the passengers and crew of Diamond Princess were being kept on board as a deliberate, if callous, real life study of the progression of the virus.

The moment they were evacuated with, what? was it seven or nine deaths? (nobody seems to be sure of that even) I knew it was all a hoax for want of better word.

We are starting to get some useful data, all cause mortality and births.

Census and Statistics Hong Kong have it all available up to September 2022 at censtatd.gov.hk/en/EIndexbySubject.html?pcode=B1010002&scode=460

We are looking at massive reduction in births, at september 2022 we had less than half total births in 2019. Whilst total deaths in 2022 up to end September surpassed total deaths in 2019; we are looking at nearly 30% excess deaths.

What is causing this? The debate needs to be open and free, the terms of reference and contributors must not be controlled by the people responsible for this disaster. The first battle must be to gain control of the information distribution. As we can see now; If a Twitter post is not repeated on mainstream media it may as well be a tree falling in an empty forest. All of our current crises are a result of the monopoly of information and suppression of debate.

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After reading this and seeing what has been happening over the past couple of years....I have come to two conclusions re: the CDC.

1. They hate people. Or...

2. They are making $$ off the covid jab somehow.

Because otherwise none of this makes sense.

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