Great article! It is hard to know what is happening in Germany, so thanks.

Do not worry about not posting often enough. Post only when you have an amazing idea that passed your most rigorous and skeptical fact checks. This is what I am personally looking for on substack when I want to read something. I do not want to read low effort stuff posted with the purpose of posting at a given frequency.

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This insanity has to stop. The guilty people will have to pay. After lots of strong signs of bad consequences they insist on vaccines mandates.

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May 14, 2022Liked by Josh Guetzkow

1. Unfortunately Prof Matthes is largely ignored or refuted in the media so the average german still believes that the shots are exceptionally safe. Newspapers and even the official TV broadcaster are 'fact-checking' his study and claiming it is BS: https://www.tagesschau.de/faktenfinder/corona-impfnebenwirkungen-101.html

This is just ridiculous - if the study was 100% the same but addressing long covid as opposed to vaxx injuries it would have been on the first page everywhere without any criticism.

2. The Charite is scrambling to distance itself from the findings and Prof Matthes

3. Scientists having opposing opinions are literally being intimidated: newly a state prosecutor has officially accused Prof Bakhdi of antisemitic claims, based on his critics of the Israeli covid politics. Complete nonsense, but the tactics is to show to other dissenting voices that they rather keep their mouths shut. Similar things happened also to other scientists, like Prof Kekule who was fired for some formal BS, and Prof. Hockertz who was attacked and found guilty based on some tax related issues in the past (https://tkp.at/2022/05/13/verfolgung-von-regierungskritikern-fortsetzung-folgt/).

4. The courts, especially the constitutional court, dismiss all motions against the lockdowns and vaccine mandates.

5. A CEO of a large insurance company, BKK ProVita, was fired after he sent an open letter to the PEI, with exactly the same finding - the vaccine injuries, as reported by the MD's insurance claims are orders of magnitude above the ones of the PEI.

6. The most depressing is that on the local elections the germans are reelecting the politicians that treated them like cattle during the last two years.

This place has become unliveable!

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May 8, 2022·edited May 8, 2022Liked by Josh Guetzkow

Incredibly important development, thanks. It's very serious of course but on a slightly lighter note I enjoyed this line from the article ...."he was punished for something that maybe not quite was carefully worded" :-)

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Thanks for your evaluation. And for letting me comment without paying. The truth is creeping out from under the rocks they tried to crush it with.

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Great expose`!

To give perspective using CDC's review of 11 years of typical vaccination, there were 1.1 VAERS reports of death for every million net doses distributed, and 9.6 serious AE reports per million doses.

These "long-running" serious AEs in Germany are happening at a rate of 8000 per million vaccinated, which would be cut down to 4000 per million vaccine doses for a two-dose schedule. Even dividing the reporting rate over 3 total COVID vaccine doses (to include a booster) does not bring it down to anywhere near what is typical for vaccines in general.

At a rate of 8000 per million who are "triple-vaxxed", there are still 2667 serious AEs per million doses -- which is 278 times higher than what is reported to VAERS for typical vaccines.

Even adjusting for underreporting leaves COVID vaccines approximately 10-fold more harmful than typical vaccines. But COVID isn't 10 times more harmful than typical disease. In fact, the dominant variant in circulation now is not even half as harmful as the median of seasonal flu in the US.

Here is a comparative analysis against flu vaccine (30 total VAERS reports per million doses):

...................Disease .................................................................... Medicine

Not even half as fatal as flu ................................. 10 times more harmful than flu vaccine

That's more than a 20-fold increase in the risk:benefit ratio!

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I can't even keep up with all the output from the many fantastic substack writers I've subscribed to, but I keep on subscribing when I find a writer worth supporting (encouraging). You are the people who will help save our freedoms during these dark times and for the future; you are the heroes of many of us; your work is essential, so please take your time.

You're not the first writer in my subscribed stacks who has apologized for not posting a lot of content (and I have two substack personas, so that it doesn't look ridiculous the number of stacks that I am supposed to read regularly -- I can't read them all). I wish you wouldn't feel you must give us "more value for money" -- we valued what you have done thus far.

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The quote under #9 is not found in the article you cited!

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May 19, 2022·edited May 19, 2022

Now it is official: Charite distances itself from the paper, pulls it down from its servers and will subject it to very through quality review (https://reitschuster.de/post/charite-distanziert-sich-von-untersuchung-zu-impf-nebenwirkungen/).

I mean,, they will not say "we are censoring it because it runs against the narrative". They'll never do the same quality assessment for all the papers claiming superior vaccine efficacy and safety. Germany now is a totalitarian state with no freedom of speech and information whatsoever. The west germans are totally oblivious to this and keep electing the same oppressors. I can recognize a totalitarian state because I grew up in eastern Europe during the communist time. Even at that time, such arbitrary discrimination as the one based on the vaxx status here was unthinkable.

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I dont want to say I told you so but... I told you so! LOL

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